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Celebrate the Holidays with Plaid Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Does the idea of crowds and long holiday shopping lines make you cringe? Well, here’s an idea who’s time has come. There’s a movement afoot called Plaid Friday aimed at taking back Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) from the corporate conglomerates. Why plaid you ask? Plaid is a design consisting of multiple colors woven together into a larger pattern which in this case symbolizes the diversity of local businesses that make up a strong local economy. Organizers of the day are encouraging shoppers to wear plaid as they shop as a visual support for our local businesses, many of which are offering discounts and specials to those that indeed wear plaid. Shopping in locally owned businesses as opposed to the “big box” is not only a more relaxing and unique shopping experience, but one that strengthens relationships and supports our local economy by keeping your hard earned dollar in our community.

There will be locally owned businesses throughout the Monadnock Region acting as “hubs” this Friday, November 23rd to answer questions about Plaid Friday and Monadnock Buy Local. Sign up to be entered to win one of dozens of great “Plaid Friday” prizes donated by local businesses in our community that will be raffled off throughout the day. We’ll be participating as a Plaid Friday hub in the Monadnock Region and as such handing out our famous homemade cookies to hungry shoppers in plaid passing through Walpole.

Plaid Friday is also the kick off event for the 2012 Shift Your Shopping campaign, a nationwide effort to get citizens to spend 10% (or more!) of their holiday gift budget at locally owned businesses and organizations.

Gift certificates make a great gift for any number of important people on your list. The Inn will be offering 10% off gift certificates of any denomination purchased Friday, November 23rd as part of the Plaid Friday celebration. Be sure to also check out our offerings of new farm t-shirts designed by local artist Virginia Allyn for both children and adults, and selection of maple syrup, handmade soaps, organic lotions, and mugs. In addition to its regular hours, the Walpole Valley Farms farm store will also be open on Plaid Friday and is filled with our 100% grass fed beef and lamb, pasture raised heritage pork, turkey, chicken, eggs, farm t-shirts, maple syrup, food related books, gift certificates for meat and farm tours, and more.

Shake up Black Friday, skip the crowds and long lines, shop local on November 23rd and support your local economy! And don’t forget your plaid!

Jackie, Innkeeper

P.S.: Yes, that’s my brother Chris and his wife Caitlin modeling suggested Plaid Friday attire at Stonewall Farm’s Thanksgiving Farm Fare.

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