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All is Quiet

Just like everywhere else in the world at the moment, all is quiet. What an interesting feeling it is to be experiencing something global such as this, people everywhere going through the same emotions, subject to the same rules, collectively coming together to fight the invisible, it really is quite extraordinary.

Here at the Inn & Farm, we're hunkered down and enjoying the fresh snowfall while trying to come up with a plan for the coming weeks if we don't get this virus under control. We just hired new innkeepers who arrived the other day...what a way to start a new job! We're hoping to keep them busy cleaning up brush from the winter, working on maintenance projects, painting, etc, etc. There's a lot of work to do to get this place in tip top shape for the summer and fall season!

We hope that all of you, our valued guests and community are staying healthy and strong during all of this and we hope that you come retreat to the country here at the Inn when things have settled down. Our 100+ acres of farmland and forest will be a welcome sanctuary from city life after this and we welcome you with open arms. Be well and stay positive everyone!

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