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Three Businesses, One Mission

It all started in 2006 when raising chickens for family and friends. It was then that we rediscovered how food was meant to taste!


With that, our mission was born. To humanely and sustainably raise meat of the highest quality while increasing the health and vitality of the land's soil. 

The farm, a pasture-based livestock operation, utilizes regenerative and holistic management practices to raise healthy food for communities while healing and building soil. 

Our goal is to provide our pastured meat to the community through our diner, the Inn's freshly prepared breakfasts, and through our farm store.

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Our restaurant is located just five miles away from the Inn. We use our own pastured meats and eggs, and support our local farming community, by sourcing ingredients directly from local farmers. 

Comfort food, craft beer, and family friendly atmosphere that make for a great night out. 

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