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Fall time is upon us...

It’s fall time in New England and that means so many drives, festivals, sights, and things to do! Did you know that New Hampshire has a bunch of old covered bridges? Their romantic charm and history invoke an image of a time when things were slower. Enjoy a fall drive of southern New Hampshire as you travel to each of the seven bridges. Don’t forget to steal a kiss or a photo with the ones you love.


The gorgeous sunset from Summit Hill Winery

Along your drive, there are many chances to stop and have a crisp refreshing beer or an earthy glass of wine. Our area is home to many amazing breweries and wineries. Below is a list of what you can find in our backyard (okay, manybe not right in our backyard.)

And of course, don't forget that The Hungry Diner has all your beer, wine and food needs!


Fun fact about Walpole, New Hampshire...

Many people know of Louisa May Alcott for her novel, Little Women, but what many people don't know is that she and her family lived in Walpole from 1855-1857. The lilacs that surrounded our home town inspired her to write another novel in 1878, Under the Lilacs. To learn more, see here.


Come experience what New Hampshire has to offer this fall and stay with us at the Inn at Valley Farms. We look forward to seeing you!

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