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Candy Cane Making – Another Local Holiday Tradition

Ye Goodie Shoppe, Keene, NH’s own confectionery, has been making high quality candy for over 75 years and continues strong with yet another tradition… making candy canes! For several weekends each year, owner and confectioner, Jason Smart, mixes, boils, cools, stretches, and twists, all by hand, a perfect combination of yummy goodness to make the familiar Christmas sweet treat. Starting the day after Thanksgiving each year Ye Goodie Shoppe starts making the sought after red and white canes and continues every Friday and Saturday (and other days as necessary – call as schedule can change) until Christmas. Customers of the shop can easily view the process through the large glass viewing area in their new retail location on Main Street in downtown Keene – a treat in and of itself!

Although most of the candy canes Jason and his team masterfully create are the traditional red and white with peppermint flavor, the shop also handcrafts canes in other flavors and corresponding colors such as spearmint, and wintergreen. Ye Goodie Shoppe’s canes are oversized – an instant hit with any kid at heart! Ye Goodie Shoppe has been making handmade high quality candy in Keene since 1931, but the candy canes are a fairly new item something added to their candy making repertoire about 10 years ago. While you’re at the shop be sure to try and of their wide range of other delicious confections.

Ye Goodie Shoppe is conveniently located on Main Street in downtown Keene, NH, an easy 20 minute drive from the Inn at Valley Farms B&B, Cottages and Vacation Farmhouse in Walpole, NH. Watching candy canes being made right in front of your very eyes is only one of many holiday traditions you can take place in our magnificent Monadnock Region. Plan a visit and cut your own fresh Christmas tree, shop tax free, participate in an artisan tour, local craft fair, or sleigh ride, just to name a few!

Did you know… the origin of the candy cane can be traced back to the 1600’s. When the practice of using Christmas trees to celebrate Christmas became popular in Europe cookies and candy were among the first types of tree decorations. The first candy canes were straight, white sticks of sugar candy. The use of candy canes on Christmas tress made its way to America in the mid-1800’s, but at this point candy canes were still white. It was not until the early 20th century that the canes appeared with their familiar red stripes.

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