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Winter Storm has a Silver Lining

This winter has been “one to remember” to say the least! I don’t know what the total snow accumulation for our area has been so far, but I think it’s safe to say we’ve received much more of the fluffy white stuff this year than we have received in the past few years combined. And now that we’re into March and all anxiously awaiting spring, winter seems to be rearing its head once again – yesterday’s storm caused extensive damage affecting thousands of area residents, but as I awoke this morning and peered outside I couldn’t help but be amazed at the beauty of the aftermath – clear blue sky, white puffy clouds and the way the rising sun was illuminating the ice covered trees was truly a sight to be seen! Is this Mother Nature’s way of saying she’s sorry?

View towards Sunnyside Farmhouse

I’m not sure any of us were prepared for the storm that hit our region Sunday night into Monday. Excessive rain combined with snow melt and runoff caused vast power outages throughout the state, flooding, some school closings, downed trees, and slippery road conditions. Here in Walpole, NH a combination of rain and freezing rain fell while nearby Keene, NH received all rain and just north of us received two additional feet of snow!

Here at the inn we lost power for about 5 hours and the basement of the inn flooded, but worst of all a very large limb from our 200+ year old Sugar Maple tree is now resting precariously on the roof of the inn. Luckily the limb did not pierce the inn’s roof or smash any windows, but the height of the remaining snow piles and the surrounding water logged ground is presenting quite a challenge to remove it safely. I guess I’m looking forward to spring more than I thought!

Broken Limb from our 200+ year old Sugar Maple tree

Fallen tree limb “resting” on the inn

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