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History of The Inn at Valley Farms


In order to preserve the historical barns and conserve farmland, the Caserta family became the proud stewards of this property in 1999, which over the years has grown into a trio of businesses- The Inn at Valley Farms, Walpole Valley Farms and The Hungry Diner. Today it is a thriving sustainable pasture-based farm with a store where you can purchase farm products to take home with you after your stay.

Many original and historic features in the house have been saved for guests to enjoy. Our game room’s linoleum floor dates back to 1840 and the original horsehair plaster walls can be seen in our piano room. Many of the solid wood doors, with lift latch handles and wide planked floors throughout the house are original.


Dating back to 1774, the Inn was a private country home, originally consisting of 2,000 acres of the surrounding countryside, including what is now an orchard next door.


Initially the property raised sheep for wool and meat, then converted to raising beef cattle. There are two barns still standing, one that was built in the 1950s to house a herd of dairy cattle. Now it serves as our farm store, movie theater and feed storage for our current livestock operation. The other, much older barn next to the Inn, houses the brooders for our baby chicks in the summer and hosts wedding ceremonies and events.


After the last dairy cows left in 1995, this farm property once again began raising livestock in 2006 as the family began Walpole Valley Farms to provide wholesome local meats to the community. In 2017 The Hungry Diner was established to share our passion for delicious, sustainable local food.


We cannot wait to welcome you to our quiet corner of New Hampshire!

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