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  • Is there WiFi available at the inn?
    Yes, we provide complimentary, high-speed WiFi throughout the property.
  • What time is check-out?
    Check-out is by 11am. Please ask if a late check-out can be prearranged.
  • Can we bring our dog?
    Unfortunately we are not pet friendly and cannot accommodate family pets at the inn. Licensed and trained service animals are welcome. Guests who wish to travel with their service animals, please reach out to us directly before booking your stay.
  • Do you offer rides from the local Amtrak train stations?
    Yes, we offer rides to and from the Brattleboro VT (25 min) & Bellows Falls VT (15 min) Amtrak train stations for a small fee. It must be prearranged with the Innkeeper.
  • What is the closest airport?
    Manchester-Boston Regional Airport is about a 1.5 hour drive Bradley Airport (Hartfotd, CT) is about a 1 hour 45 min drive Boston Logan International Airport is about a 2 hour drive
  • Are there TVs in the rooms?
    Keeping with the beautiful, colonial surroundings of the Inn, we do not have TVs in the four Inn rooms. We do have Smart TVs with streaming devices in our Bellows Cottage, Kilburn Cottage & Sunnyside Farmhouse.
  • What do you raise on the farm?
    We are managing and developing healthy soils for our livestock to graze our pastures and grow healthy meat for your table. We raise 100% grass-fed beef, pasture-raised pork, pasture-raised chicken, pasture-raised turkey and delicious pasture-raised eggs for your breakfast.
  • How big is the farm?
    There are over 105 acres of land with 40 open acres in pasture for our livestock and 60 acres of woodlands.
  • You have a farm store? Where is it? When is it open? And what do you offer?
    Yes we have our very own farm store located at 663 Wentworth Rd. Walpole NH, just down the hill from the Inn. Please look for the black & white "Walpole Valley Farms" sign at the end of the driveway. Open Saturday 10-4 Open Sunday 10-4 Stocked with all of our own meats (beef, pork, chicken & turkey), eggs, maple syrup, jam, soaps, snacks, pantry items and many other great local products. Or order online and enjoy our pastured meats shipped directly to your home. Click here to learn more.
  • Where can we go to eat in Walpole, NH?
    There are a few great options in town including: The Hungry Diner: Farm-to-Table, Family Friendly, Craft Beer on Tap The Resturant at Burdick's: Fine, French-Inspired Dining (Reservations Required) Spencer's Place: American Style Pub with Vegetarian Options
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