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New Hampshire Wedding Magazine – A Rustic Wedding

We are excited to share the cover and excerpts of the most recent issue of New Hampshire Wedding Magazine! Last May we were given a wonderful opportunity as our bed and breakfast inn and farm were chosen as the setting for an article in New Hampshire Wedding Magazine on rustic weddings. To see all the pieces come together and the final cover page and article in print is just amazing!

It all started just over a year ago when I met photographer Kendal Bush at one of the many local bridal fairs. Upon meeting Kendal you can instantly feel her energy and passion for photography. She is a real professional and a quick look at her portfolio reveals her amazing eye creating anything but the customary wedding photos (unless you want those, of course!). Kendal contacted me several months later to share her ideas about this assignment and naturally I agreed to participate. We set a date in mid-May and Kendal set to pulling together a few other key participants to make it all happen.

When the day arrived the sun was shining, white puffy clouds were strategically placed throughout the clear

blue sky, the grass was emerald green, the scent of lilacs lingered in the air creating a truly picture-perfect day. Our crew quickly got organized and set off on our task to capture wedding shots throughout the inn, gardens, grounds and barns of the farm – we even got the animals involved! The shoot progressed seamlessly and at the end of the day Kendal had taken literally thousands of amazing photos.

Special thanks go out to a few special folks who made this all possible including Jennifer Carvalho Schmidt of Embellish Event Styling and Floral Design located in nearby Keene, NH. Jennifer was responsible for choosing the color palette, flowers, linens, and other necessary props for the shoot. Her choice and combination of colors was nothing short of brilliant and really helped to create the eye-popping photos. I love her creativity and attention to details. Among my favorites for this shoot were her incorporation of key limes into the table arrangements and the spring green and tangerine linens and their contrast against the barn’s interior white wash walls.

Angela Giannantonio was our natural beauty of a bride, and a true champ the whole day through. Her makeup was done by her long-time friend Mindy Rossignol also owner of Private Weddings and Events. Angela’s gorgeous dress as well as the linens were on loan from Divine Inspirations of Concord, NH. Hard copies of New Hampshire Wedding Magazine can be ordered online at, picked up at any number of bridal shows happening throughout the state or found at Hannaford Supermarkets and Rite-Aid stores throughout New Hampshire by the end of January. There were so many other great photos from the shoot that didn’t make the magazine simply due to lack of space. If you’d like to see more amazing photos from our great day, Kendal has a “Rustic Wedding” photo album on her Facebook page with a number of the additional photos and there is also a link to Kendal’s album on our Inn at Valley Farms Facebook page as well.

These photos give you a glimpse of what a rustic wedding might look like here at our country bed and breakfast inn. If there is a wedding or special event in your future and you like the idea of a farm for a setting we’d love to talk to you! We specialize in intimate, unique events for up to 75 people. With over 100 acres, rolling hills, extensive gardens and multiple outbuildings you are only limited by your creativity. Call today. It’s never too early to start the conversation as dates book early.

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